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About YMOC

What Customers get with YMOC - YMOC fills a hungry stomach through a simple series of choices and clicks with food delivered right to your ordered location! YMOC also enables the feature of Pre-Ordering food when you’re outside so that you have a hot meal when you arrive at your destination. YMOC, It’s convenient, It’s easy, It’s quick!

What Restaurants get from YMOC

YMOC puts you, the restaurants, easily accessible through the Digital Media bringing in greater exposure and better business opportunities. With latest GPS technology married with modern technology, we help you feed hungry beings around your surroundings with ease. With full information about your Restaurant, ranging from Menu, Pricing, and Restaurant timings, we make for your free marketing! YMOC’s stats show an increase in revenue of restaurants by 15% to 20% after partnering up! YMOC, We Flood Orders!


Leadership is a vital element in every venture, business or otherwise. An able leader motivates in times of peril, inspires in times of downfall and leads all the way through! YMOC’s leaders demonstrate all these traits to make sure that YMOC stays in the best shape possible. These are the YMOC’s leaders leading the Crew.



Mark Bordoloi is a Management Analyst and Business Owner. A Post Graduate in Advertising and Communications Management and has over 10 years of experience in Business management, Project Management, Recruitment, Business Analysis, Media Relations, Production Management, and IT enabled services with experience working for fast growing IT Solutions and big publishing houses in the US and India. His extensive experiences have provided him with a broad understanding of the business models. He also possesses highly developed analytical, leadership and interpersonal skills along with good Human Resource practices.

Mark Bordoloi, Founder of runs an IT consulting company, Ekodus Inc. formerly known as E-Aspire IT, LLC in New Jersey. E-Aspire IT, LLC was named NJ Top business in 2013 by Also, E-Aspire IT was ranked as the fastest growing company in the USA in 2014 by INC5000. Mark Bordoloi is a first generation entrepreneur with ambitious plans to take YMOC.COM to an international level.

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